Adventures in Grassland Birding

What an amazing birding morning! I've been missing my old birding spots in Kansas lately, not knowing where to go to find the birds in your area is really hard. Luckily there is a trail not far out of town that is bordered on either side by ungrazed pasture, terraces, and waterways where I thought... Continue Reading →

The Life of a Bird

This blog is called Journals of a Naturalist, but I must admit that I am especially partial to birds. There may be a few reasons for this partiality. For one, birds are everywhere and they like to let you know it by flashing their bright feathers and letting out distinctive calls. Another reason may be... Continue Reading →

Returning to the Basics

I have taken some time off of writing on this blog due to a very busy schedule. Graduating from K-State, applying for jobs, and moving twice all took up a lot of time. Then you tack on the time that it takes to get settled into a new job position and new place of living,... Continue Reading →

Field Season Wrap-up

28 July, 2019 I want to thank everybody for being patient with me while I finished up my summer field work. As I mentioned in the Back Porch Birding Podcast, this post will be quite special. It will have the most photography that I have ever shared in a single post, but before the photos... Continue Reading →

Playing Catch-up

23 June, 2019 I apologize for the long absence, I have been very busy these last few weeks with field work. It's hard to get everything done that needs to be when you only get one day off. Not all of the pictures in this post are from the past week, but may be from... Continue Reading →

Let the Nesting Begin

19 May, 2019 It's finally here! The moment we've all been waiting for! Nesting time is finally here! I've begun to notice a few bird species nesting in and around my yard this past week. The first nest that I found was a Red-bellied Woodpecker ( ). It is right outside the door of my... Continue Reading →

GBD Non-Birds

12 May, 2019 Last week I told you all about the birds that I saw on my Global Big Day (GBD). This week I thought it would be fun for me to tell you about the non-avian animal that I saw while birding. After-all, this is a blog about being a naturalist and not just... Continue Reading →

4 May, 2019

One Week, Two Big Days This week has been an amazing week in birding here in Kansas, especially for students taking ornithology at Kansas State University. On Tuesday we had the big day competition for our class. Saturday was also the global big day. Two big days in one week, crazy! For those who don't... Continue Reading →

28 April, 2019

A Weekend Trip to the Flint Hills For Easter weekend, my dad came down to Kansas for a visit. He arrived on Thursday night and I had quite the wildlife adventure planned for us. On Friday, we were to go to the Konza Prairie and view the bison. Saturday the plan was to do some... Continue Reading →

21 April, 2019

A Wetland Adventure If you are following this blog and also listen to the Back Porch Birding podcast, you may already know that I recently went on a class trip to the Cheyenne Bottoms wetland area and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. It was a super exciting time where we got to view some really amazing... Continue Reading →

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