Field Season Wrap-up

28 July, 2019

I want to thank everybody for being patient with me while I finished up my summer field work. As I mentioned in the Back Porch Birding Podcast, this post will be quite special. It will have the most photography that I have ever shared in a single post, but before the photos I have an exciting story to share.

On our last few days of rope dragging I was sort of feeling the end of the season was nearing and was ready to be done for this particular day. I plowed through a large clump of grass and on the other side was a small badger hole. “Nothing new,” I thought, but what I didn’t know is that there was a badger waiting on the other side of this one. As I set my foot down, it hissed, bared its teeth, and without hesitation ran straight for my leg. I dropped the rope, and very quickly moved out of its way. It then turned towards the hole that I had just walked over, but instead of hiding in the hole, this badger decided that it would be more dramatic to slowly disappear into the tall grass while staring at me.

I love badgers and was so excited to be able to acquire such a great story to share with you all. Your wait is now over, and I want to thank you all again for being patient with me, but it is now time for the photography.


Upright Prairie Coneflower
An unfortunate find. A dead Blackburnian Warbler.
Six-lined Racerunner
Plains Leopard Frog
Some very hungry Dickcissel nestlings.
Common Sunflower, the beautiful symbol of Kansas.
The one with the white gape is a Brown-headed Cowbird. There are a couple of their eggs as well. Yellow gapes are Dickcissels.
Woodhouse’s Toad
Dickcissel baby about to get measurements taken.
Mourning Dove nestlings
Bluegill caught at Milford Lake
Green Sunfish
Catclaw Sensitive Briar
Great Mullein
Prairie Lizard
A large beetle found in the grass. I don’t have a definite ID on this species yet.
A Crab Spider waiting on a Wavy-leaf Thistle for its next meal. It may not have waited all that long.
Yellow-bellied Racer
Golden Shiner
No definite ID on this grasshopper yet either, but I really like the shape and color of this one.
Mourning Dove nestling
Common Eastern Firefly
Katydid species
Familiar Bluet, this may have been my favorite find of the summer.
Barn Swallow nestlings
Plains Spadefoot
Northern Walkingstick
Salt Marsh Moth caterpillar
Differential Grasshopper
Wild Bergamot
American Bullfrog
Channel Catfish
Red-sided Garter Snake
Beetele species, still unidentified.
Wheat Head Armyworm
Forage Looper Moth
Old Red-eared Slider, this species typically has a red patch on the side of their head, but have been known to have this completely dark head as well.
Beautiful Kansas sunrise through Little Bluestem.
Singing male Dickcissel
A variety of waterbirds at Cheyenne Bottoms. Snowy Egrets, Black-crowned Night Herons, White-faced Ibis, and American Coot.
American Avocet
Black-necked Stilt, I love their bubblegum colored legs.

Note: If you have any ID suggestions for the unidentified species above please leave a comment with your suggestion, or find my posts on the iNaturalist app and suggest ID there.

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